Beaconsfield Children's Hub

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Our Programs

Research shows that participating in a quality early education program has ongoing benefits for children throughout their schooling and beyond.
Our Centre has 6 children’s rooms each having qualified and dedicated educators.
Our Centre offers a choice of days and session hours to suit family’s needs.
Our program has a play-based learning curriculum where learning is inspired by children’s interests and developmental needs.
Our environment builds independence and confidence.
We incorporate community walks, incursions and excursions into the learning program.
We encourage family input and participation into our everyday program.

Ella Program

The Ella Program enables us to deliver language learning to our kinder children.
Ella is a digital, play based language learning program for preschool children. This Australian Government initiative inspires children by driving a genuine interest in a new language and culture.
In 2019 we are learning Mandarin.

Hey Dee Ho

The Hey Dee Ho music program is an educational music experience where children learn the concepts of beat, rhythm, temp, pitch and dynamics in a play-based environment.
Four key areas explored throughout the year are Auslan Key sign language, multicultural languages kodally (SOLFA) singing method and spatial awareness.
Music improves cognitive learning, fine and gross motor skills along with visual and auditory processing.
Hey Dee Ho, runs on a Thursday morning.
kindergarten children

                Services provided include:

                   Long day care 0- School Age

                   4 year old Kindergarten program

                   Occasional care

                   Community – multipurpose room

                   Opening Hours:

       Monday to Friday 6.30am – 6.30pm – 52 weeks per year

long day care available

Long Day Care:

Beaconsfield Children’s Hub has two babies rooms for children aged between 0-18 months, two toddlers rooms for children aged between 18 months-3 years, a 3 year old pre-kindergarten room and a 4/5 year old kindergarten.

kinder programs

4/5 year old registered Kindergarten program:

Our Kinder Program is run from 8.30-5.30 each day by a qualified Kindergarten teacher who has completed their Master of Education through Deakin University.
Our Kindergarten program consists of rich play-based activities and experiences combining literacy, numeracy, STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
School Readiness is an important element throughout the kinder year. The school environment is very different to an Early Learning Environment.
We believe learning is more than reading, writing and numeracy. Our kinder children are learning about life, friendship, initiative, conflict and problem solving.
Our program is about learning how to learn, how to find out, how to be creative, how to feel good about yourself, how to deal with others respectfully, all school readiness indicators that build a strong foundation in starting school.

our curriculum at beaconsfield


The following practice principles guide our practice here at Beaconsfield Children’s Hub.

Reflective Practices.
Partnerships with families.
High expectations for every child.
Respectful relationships and responsive engagement.
Equity and diversity.
Assessment for learning development.
Integrated teaching and learning approaches .
Partnerships with professionals
(Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework)

What does this look like?

Children are engaged in a variety of activities throughout the day. Children are encouraged to choose activities that they are interested in and to move from activity to activity with a focus being on developing their concentration and attention span.

Mat sessions are held regularly throughout the day where children sing, dance, listen to stories and others speak and share information with the whole group.

Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of group sizes and to interact with lots of different members of the group.