Beaconsfield Children's Hub

2 - 8 Windsor Drive, Beaconsfield, 3807
03 9769 3333 03 9769 3330



Beaconsfield Childrens Hub is an established centre operating since 2010. Our environments are warm and lived in. All rooms are light and airy, with doors/windows opening onto the outdoor environments to facilitate indoor/outdoor programs.
With viewing windows into each room, the children feel part of their own rooms, but also members of the bigger community of Beaconsfield Children's Hub. Although we have separate outdoor play areas for the different age groups, there are no hard boundaries and the children will often interact with siblings and friends in a social context.

Our outdoor environment is full of wonderful natural Australian Flora and encourages the children to interact with their environment. With paths and bridges, digging patches and large freeform sandpits, cubby homes, 'real' grass and shady trees, the outdoor area is enjoyed by children of all ages.