Beaconsfield Children's Hub

2 - 8 Windsor Drive, Beaconsfield, 3807
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Recruitment @ Beaconsfield Children's Hub

At Beaconsfield Children's Hub, we aim to build our team with educators who share our philosophy. If you would like to join our team, please download our application form and send with your resume.

CHILDREN have the right to;
✹ Quality Care of the highest standards
✹ Be treated as individuals in an environment where they can play and explore freely
✹ A place where they can feel safe and supported by educators who provide appropriate routines, achievable goals and sets consistent limits.
✹ Education and experiences which are relevant to their lives and interests
✹ Have their talents nurtured and extended on
✹ Develop to their full potential by instilling a sense of belonging in each child without bias or prejudice but instead through the acknowledgement of diversity and the richness it brings to our community.

FAMILIES accessing our service;
✹ Will be encouraged to work in partnership with educators to build on strengths of each other’s knowledge of the child through trust and open communication and shared decision making
✹ Will feel secure in knowing that their child is in a caring, safe, and nurturing environment.
✹ Will be acknowledged and respected for their histories, cultures, languages, traditions, child-rearing practices and lifestyle choices
✹ Will be encouraged to participate at Beaconsfield Children’s Hub through planned and spontaneous events
✹ Will have access to information about their child’s daily experiences and learning journeys

EDUCATORS employed at Beaconsfield Children’s Hub
✹ Are professionals who are given opportunities to participate in ongoing learning and reflective practice to benefit themselves, Beaconsfield Children’s Hub and the children and their families accessing care
✹ Individually bring values, beliefs, talents and cultures that are unique and valued and that enhance relationships and the learning journeys of children
✹ Create physical and social environments that have a positive impact on children’s learning
✹ Communicate about children’s learning and progress in a respectful and inclusive manner