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Being a ‘very’ new mum, the thought of leaving my baby in someone else’s care was overwhelming to say the very least.  But when we met the staff at Beaconsfield Children’s Hub I was put at ease.  From orientation day, up until today, I feel very comfortable and confident with the choice we’ve made in care for our baby.

The staff are always approachable, and extremely understanding. Nothing is a bother, even when you call a few times a day to see how your little one is doing!

The personal touch that is added is another reason why I feel comfortable leaving my baby in BCH care, the staff make the effort to get to know all of the kids so no one is an unfamiliar face.

Knowing that my baby is learning and growing every day, and having the option to expand his interest’s and potential talents (participating in Hey-De-Ho classes ☺) gives me a great sense of relief, as he is doing all of this with people who genuinely care about him. 

Shannon,     Officer.  Vic. 3809

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I have an almost 3 year old son who has attended BCH since he was 8 months old. He has moved through from Babies, to Toddlers and now to the Pre Kindergarten with smooth transitions each time. This is because the staff are warm and welcoming and are in tune with his interests and skills. Tonya and Claire in the office are always available for a chat and the general feel of the whole centre is fresh and vibrant. I would recommend this centre based on my experiences to anyone who asks! Thanks for making our whole family so at home.

Rachel, Beaconsfield. Vic 3807

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We were looking for a childcare centre for our two daughters and wanted one with a registered kindergarten program so our three-year-old could stay on for her kinder year. We visited BCH and loved the bright, clean and modern rooms, and the amazing outdoor areas. Most importantly, we found the carers to be really friendly and dedicated.

The girls have been at BCH for two years now and are very happy. They love the wooden cubby house, swings, sandpit and natural play spaces. Planting vegetables was a hit! They look forward to seeing their friends and attending Hey De Ho music classes. They also enjoy dressing up for special events throughout the year. Our eldest is now five and confidently heading off to school. Thanks BCH for preparing her so well!

Sandra, Berwick.  Vic  3806

Our eldest daughter has been attending Beaconsfield Children's Hub since 2010, and we have been so happy with their service that we enrolled our second daughter not long after she was born. Both our girls have formed strong bonds with the professional, caring staff. Our children are always happy to go off to Daycare and have made plenty of friends along the way. We particularly like getting the girls Portfolio's at the end of each year.

Kate, Beaconsfield.  Vic. 3807

Our 3 1/2 year old son has been attending Beaconsfield Children's Hub since 2010. Having friends that have their children at the Hub, we had heard nothing but great reports and  immediately felt comfortable enrolling our son too. The centre has a fresh, open feel and the staff have always been very supportive and caring. Each transition - from baby through to the pre-kinder room - was handled with professionalism and care from the staff. Whilst in each room he came to love the particular activities and develop strong relationships with the staff. Outdoor play has always been a favourite of his, particularly with the great outdoor set up at the Hub. We are moving to a new area, so our time at the Hub has come to an end. However we are truly thankful for the great quality care given by all staff. Thank you.

Diana, Beaconsfield. Vic. 3807